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FAQ's LapDesk

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the LapDesk.


Q: Can you write well on it? For school work or even longer?

A: Most customers use the stand for the laptop on the desk and connect an external keyboard. They work long time using the desk and protect their neck. It's pretty convenient

Q: I have a big laptop. Does it fit?

A: Laptops up to 17,3“ fit easily onto the LapDesk. The ledge in the front is about 6-7 cm in height. But you also get two small rubber hooks, which you can easily attach to that ledge and they work perfectly fine to prevent higher things from falling off.

Q: How much space is there between the feet on the inside? I want to place my mixer in between.

A: 49 cm

Q: Does the LapDesk fit into carry on bagagge when it is folded?

A: Absolutely. And it is very light-weight as well. It is about 3 cm in depth when folded.

Q: I would like to use the Desk as a breakfast tray, is it stable in bed so that you can place a plate on it?

A: Technically no problem, but you have to be careful if your mattress is soft, so that the movement doesn’t cause your coffee to spill ;-)

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